Monday, January 11, 2010

2010: A New Year, A New Address

A Frugal Friend has MOVED!

Come check out my new site and don't forget to update your blogrolls (and grab a new updated blog button)!

I'll be continuing all my favorites each week (in addition to great deal finds):

Monday - Mailbox Monday (linky)
Friday - Frugal Friday Reminders
Friday - Fiction Friday
Saturday - Giveaway Time (linky)

See you over there!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mailbox Monday

It's time for Mailbox Monday. Time for all of us to share what we received in the mail for FREE! These are a combination of things signed up samples, free magazine subscriptions and more. It's another slow week, but that's due to just coming off of the holidays.

You'll find updated free samples posted on A Frugal Friend throughout each week. Check back often - I'll do all the work for you.

Here's what came in my mailbox (all for free) just this week:

Business Week
Golf Digest
Marie Claire
Taste of Home Healthy Cooking (thanks to SheSpeaks)

Other Freebies:
Philosophy's Gingerbread Man Shower Gel/Bubble Bath

Prizes for Giveaways I've won:
2 coupons for Free Dozen Horizon Organic Eggs (Love it)!!!
(I won this over at Super Coupon Girl)

***Stay tuned as I'm planning on giving you the 411 on entering, winning, and hosting giveaways!

Join in on Mailbox Monday hosted by A Frugal Friend:

Bloggers -

1. Please grab my Mailbox Monday button and place it on your own Mailbox Monday post.
2. Make sure your readers can link back to A Frugal Friend and join in on the fun.....make sure it's the temporary link (I'll have a big announcement about this soon)!
3. Once you have your Mailbox Monday post up, come back here and leave your link in the Mister Linky widget.
4. Leave your name and name of your blog too
5. Make sure the link goes directly to your Mailbox Monday post and not your homepage so we can visit easily. Then we'll all come and see what deals you've received.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Weekend Coupon Preview

Looks like this weekend has 2 coupon inserts:

1 Smart Source
1 Red Plum

Be sure to visit here to check out to full list of coupons!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Aloha Friday

In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that they take it easy and look forward to the weekend. After the stressful week I've had, I thought I would join my friend Kailani in this week's edition of Aloha Friday. I could use some relaxing!

I'll ask a question....something that doesn't require a lengthy answer in the comments below. Then you can go out and meet some new blogger friends and participate in Aloha Friday too.

My Question: What's your favorite comfort food during wintertime?

As for me, I love nothing more than making one of my mom's recipes - tuna patties. Super simple, easy, and inexpensive. I'll have to share the recipe with you someday. Mmmmm Good!

Now, it's your turn. What's yours?

I'm Still Here

A Frugal Friend is still here......oh, it's been a stressful ten (10) days. Little one spiked a 102 temperature, we have ridiculously freezing weather in Dallas (12 degrees predicted), and A Frugal Friend has been locked since December 29th.

Oh, I have been busy.

With the holidays, I knew there was a slim chance of getting everything worked out quickly. But after ten days of not being able to contact my readers, I've decided to set up this temporary site until I figure out my next step.

What happened?

I know many of you (so sweet) have been emailing me to find out. With no advance warning at all, Blogger locked up A Frugal Friend. You can't find the site and I can't access it to get anything or notify my readers. Blogger's spam-prevention robots flagged me as a spam site....but admit that since I'm an actual person reading their notice, I'm probably not a spam site. That's right, I'm a real person, and A Frugal Friend is NOT a spam site. They further ask me to be patient while they review and verify. There's no way to contact them (phone/email).

Temporary Site - this is where I'll be temporarily until my next step. You can find messages from me (and yes, I'll be blogging too....something to relieve the stress).

Google Cache - You can still view an old version of A Frugal Friend here

Follow A Frugal Friend on Twitter just in case! I'll announce everything there too.

Help - Since I can't reach everyone, if you wouldn't mind passing this new temporary URL along, I would appreciate it. Blog, Tweet, Facebook, Email, anything you can do to help. Please email me or leave me a comment here letting me know.....I won't forget you!

Thank You - So many of you have helped relieve the stress of this past week with advice and encouragement. I can never thank you enough, but will do my best to try!